Terms of Custom Order


  • Each custom product will be made within 1/8" of your exact specifications as entered into our online product builder. This is not because we are sloppy or incompetent. We are unable to guarantee a size more accurate than this simply due to the fact that all measuring devices are not made equal. Unfortunately, due to poorly regulated manufacturing processes, a tape measure that is 1/16" out of spec at the 20" mark will be approved for retail. Even the most expensive measuring devices are known to be 1/32" off the industry standard template. Because we have no control over this potential discrepancy, ReSlat and the Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WCMA) recommend you allow 1/2" clearance from the bottom of your slats to your window sill or floor.
  • We fabricate to your exact specifications and as a result, your orders can't be modified, canceled or returned. On the order review page, you will have a chance to review your specifications and make changes before you purchase. This is very important because a customized product cannot be returned and your purchase is non-refundable. PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL INFORMATION IS CORRECT before you proceed to purchase.
  • If you want to make a correction or just change things up, you can do so before you purchase. While in the order review page, just click any edit button (or pencil icon) and you'll be taken back to the customize product screens to make your desired changes. Once you are satisfied, remember to review your changes carefully because a custom product cannot be returned.


  • Your custom product is made to order just for you and we cannot accept returns. The exception is if the product was made incorrectly. Please contact customer service at 866-4RESLAT for information regarding a defective product.